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What to look for in a primary care provider.

Focus on Preventative Care

The best primary care providers are focused on keeping you healthy, not just treating you when you’re sick. Instead of just waiting for health problems to happen, your provider should work with you to prevent them from occurring in the first place.

Dedication to Patient Experience

Your experience as a patient should always come first. Look for a provider who offers longer appointments so you don’t feel rushed, same-day or next-day visits, and a patient support line for instant help at any time.

Comprehensive Care

It is important to find a provider who provides more than just basic primary care services. Look for a provider who offers services for your mental and social wellbeing, can easily connect you with specialists, and provides additional community-focused activities.

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A guide to the care you deserve.

Few things in life are more personal than your health. That’s why finding the right primary care provider is so important.

Oak Street Health’s Feel-Good Guide to Primary Care has useful tips for selecting a doctor who’s the right fit for you and your needs, and checklists to help you make the most of your appointment.

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